Oakville Hockey Club since 1974 is Oakville High School's official club teams. Players start from 7th grade and play through Varsity.

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We require a minimum of 10 hours of volunteer time per family.  Oakville Hockey receives no funding or support from Oakville High School or the Mehlville School District. All activities are planned by volunteers and paid for by player fees and fund raising activities.  To have a successful program, we need to have parent participation from each family. Again this year, each family will be required to write a $400 check dated April 1, 2019.  Please take a few minutes to look over the positions needed. There is a spot for you to fill out on the player's registration form. Because many of the positions are needed for specific teams, we will not fill positions until the teams are selected. There is an option to buy-out if you prefer not to volunteer by indicated on the registration form.  Once you have fulfilled your commitment and returned your game jerseys, practice jerseys and playbook, your check will be shredded or returned to you (whichever you prefer) at the end of the season banquet.

There are many volunteer positions listed below:

  • Team Coordinators (to be approved by the head coach)

Duties: Liaison with the coaching staff, schedule practice games, and tournaments, communicate schedule and other information to players and parents, maintain roster and player information, schedule team pictures, complete game roster, and coordinate team statistician and equipment managers. In addition, Varsity will submit coaches' all-star selections and scholarship applications. B Team will Coordinator Tournament. Varsity will coordinate Senior Night.

  • Team Photographer: Varsity - JV- Development Leagues

Duties: Take pictures of Varsity, Junior Varsity, and JV Development players throughout the season for the banquet program, picture boards, and yearbook. Photos may also be used for year-end video. The club will provide film for the pictures. The photographers will supply cameras. We would like to have two volunteers for each team.

  • Security Liaison: Varsity

Duties: This is a Varsity team position only. This person will arrive 15 minutes early and attend all league games and identify themselves to Mid-States personnel and security officers as the Oakville security liaison will serve as an extra pair of eyes during the game to identify violations of the code of conduct, inform security of possible problems and complete liaison forms for each game.

  • Hockey Banquet Coordinator

Duties: Oversee year-end banquet committee members, prepare a budget and submit to the board for approval. Select date and location for the banquet; and select and purchase gifts for the players, coordinators, and coaches. Send invitations to players, cheerleaders, and coaches. The banquet coordinator will also request information and materials from the scrapbook, photographic and video coordinators. Work with program and yearbook volunteers. Put photo display together.

  • Fundraising Events Coordinator - Casino Night / Trivia Night / Pizza Sales / Golf Tournament

Duties:  Work with Treasurer of the club and oversee fundraising event(s) for the club. Prepared a budget and submit to the board for approval. Work with BOD on date and location of the event(s).

  • Oakville Hockey Club Board Member

Duties of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Members at Large are described in the club by-laws.

  • Varsity Games & Special Events Announcer

Duties: Be the announcer for Varsity games as well as any events such as Senior Night (last home game of the regular season).

  • Cheer Gear & Music Coordinators

Duties: Gather and set up Cheer Gear for Varsity games including the hanging of banners etc. To play music at home games before the game, between periods, etc.

The following events/activities are currently held by OHC. Volunteer opportunities exist for each:

Spring BBQ

Prospect Camp


Trivia Night / Casino Night / Pizza Sales

Homecoming Float

Black & Gold Game

Alumni Game

Senior Night

Winter Classic