Oakville Hockey Club since 1974 is Oakville High School's official club teams. Players start from 7th grade and play through Varsity.

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Oakville Hockey Club (OHC)
Academic Standards
The Oakville Hockey Club feels that student-athletes’ academic success should be their first priority. With that in mind, the following academic standards will be followed effective immediately.

The academic standard to participate (practice games, tournament, regular season, or playoffs) contains two requirements:

1) A student-athlete must be currently enrolled in courses that offer 3.0 units of credit per semester and must have earned 3.0 units of credit the preceding semester.
2) A student-athlete must maintain a grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 each semester. A cumulative GPA will not be considered. Plus and Minus grade designations are not considered in accordance with Mehlville School District GPA calculations.
The units of credit and GPA are based on full-semester grade reports covering the beginning of school to the holiday break (1st semester) and from the first school day in January to the end of the school year (2nd semester). Grade reports for the 2nd semester determine eligibility to participate in OHC events over the summer and the following season.
If a student-athletes' GPA is below 2.5 following the 2nd semester, it is the players’ responsibility to enroll in summer school. A student-athlete that successfully raises their GPA to 2.5, because of said summer school, will be eligible to evaluate and play on a designated team upon proof of the increased GPA, by providing a transcript to the OHC board of directors. Those students remaining under 2.5 GPA may register for hockey, and try out for a team, but will be unable to participate in practices or games until they provide OHC Board with an end of term (6 weeks) grade report of 2.5 GPA or above.
Only those students with a GPA below 2.5 at semester end will be checked at the end of the 6 week term. Grade reports for the 1st semester determine eligibility to continue participation in practice and games occurring after Christmas, up to and including the final game of the season including playoffs.

Please note: If a student-athlete has below a 2.0 GPA, OHC will take an officially documented Individualized Education Program (IEP) as well as a Plan 504.

The Oakville Hockey Club feels this is in the best interest of the student athlete and gives them the best opportunity for academic success.