Oakville Hockey Club since 1974 is Oakville High School's official club teams. Players start from 7th grade and play through Varsity.

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Dear friends and fellow Tigers,


As a former player and graduate of Oakville, it is with great pride that I write this letter, my first as your Varsity Head Coach. I thank all of you for entrusting me with this extraordinary responsibility.  I promise all of you, a coach who will represent this family with the utmost respect and integrity, a coach who will never be under prepared and a coach whose competitive fire burns immensely. Our goals will be shared by our entire coaching staff. Together, we will prepare our student-athletes to be leaders within our community by holding them accountable on and off the ice. Together, we will recreate a culture of pride and excellence along our journey.  Last, but certainly not least, together, WE WILL WIN!


Accomplishing these goals will not be an easy task and completing these goals may take some time. We are going to work tirelessly to get to where we want to go. There will be moments that will be frustrating. There may be moments where you question the process. There may even be moments of disagreement, but I promise you that after four years, you will become a better individual, a better adult.  I promise you that you will meet lifelong friends and enjoy lifelong memories.  I promise you that you will always be a part of this family.


You will hear and see me mention family quite often. Let me explain why. Families may have disagreements and families may go through tough times, but at the end of the day, when you need them the most, family will always be by your side.  I will expect our club to operate as a family; to always have your family's interest in mind when making decisions; to look out and care for each other on and off the ice. These are the types of teammates that you want to go into competition with. These are the types of parents that you want to volunteer with.  These are the characteristics and the culture that creates champions.


To close, thank you again for your faith and confidence as we begin our journey together. The journey begins today and our mission will be to include everyone on it; from our youngest prospect to our oldest alum, we are going to be champions together.


Go Tigers!


With tremendous appreciation and excitement,


Tyler Sollberger

Oakville Varsity Head Coach