Oakville Hockey Club since 1974 is Oakville High School's official club teams. Players start from 7th grade and play through Varsity.

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Change Team: 
by OHC posted 09/10/2019


  # Name Pos
7 Abel, Chase Player
44 Anderson, Jack Player
2 Bokern, Anthony Player
17 Bradley, Carter Player
30 Christopher, Chase Goalie
11 Christopher, Mason Player
  Daniels, Joey Player
22 Daniels, Zachary Player
31 Dlugos, Brandon Goalie
6 Ferguson, Luke Player
6 Ford, Alexander Player
15 Hayden, Brett Player
24 Healy, Kevin Player
23 Herrick, Adam Player
3 Herrick, Travis Player
27 Huffman, Jack Player
5 Hyde, Kyle Player
19 Milligan, Aidan Player
29 Montague, Ethan Goalie
3 Oppits, Jacob Player
10 Pybas, Joe Player
9 Rask, Joseph Player
18 Right, Oliver Player
12 Sisson, Jake Player
6 Skaggs, Justin Player
  Skaggs, Mason Player
1 Tymkew, Kyle Goalie

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Asst Coach 
Zach Mitchell 
Head Coach 
Philip Jacquot 
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